Let’s Talk About (the) Sex, Baby

Last night I dreamed that my doctor emailed me the baby’s sex. It was a girl.

This counters all my initial inklings. From the very beginning, I’ve had this hunch it’s a boy. Before we found out I was pregnant, Eddie and I went backpacking in the Ishi Wilderness, one of our favorite little-known spots in the Sierra Nevada. As we hiked into the canyon, I kept noticing strangely phallic trees. I thought it might be a Freudian subconscious thing, a la Rorschach ink blot test, so I pointed the shameless branches out to Eddie. “Oh my gosh,” he said, seeing exactly what I thought I was seeing. “That’s just wrong!”

Later, when I started having cravings, my body seemed to be overtaken by a distinctly masculine alien. He wanted hamburgers. Steaks. Tater Tots. Cheetos–by the bag. I never eat these things. My strongest craving of all was an urgent obsession with learning the sport of kiteboarding. (Daddy shut that idea down quick.) But soon I started hearing anecdotes from friends who craved burgers and delivered girls. Now I’m just not sure.

So about the dream — was this an in-utero instant message? Or just a dream? We’ll find out in two weeks. Our ultrasound is scheduled for August 9, our 4-year anniversary.

What do ya’ll think? Girl or boy?


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