The No-Look Pass

Last night Eddie and I went to the gym. The receptionist said, “You two look vaguely familiar.” Yep, it’s been that long.

Lightning precluded our swim workout, so we shot a few hoops on the basketball court instead. It reminded me how bad I am at any sport that involves throwing or catching a ball. I was raised in a discipline (slalom) that favors the coaching mantra, “Don’t look at the ball.” (Skier speak for, “Don’t look at the buoy, because you’ll run right over it.”) This ingrained reflex is pretty hard to unlearn.

So I didn’t have my eye on the ball when Eddie shot me a “no-look pass.” It hit me square in the face, knocking me flat on my back like a bowling pin. Instead of stars, I saw flashback scenes from second grade dodgeball.

And he thinks waterskiing is dangerous.


July 25, 2007. Pregnancy.

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